For the quickest response, please complete our REQUEST A QUOTE form. Alternatively you can call Baggage Transporter(BT) on +91 6363628522 or +91 9986029126 or write to: baggagetransporter9@gmail.com, baggage transporter guarantees to revert back to you with rate by the next working day.

With over 220 countries and 1.5million destinations, almost all countries/cities are covered globally, and door to door delivery is an added advantage.

AIR: Your baggage is routed through a choice of the world’s largest, most recognised and admired Air Express Giants (UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT). Baggage Transporter(BT) has special arrangements in place for expressing your baggage cargo door to door on top priority with no/minimum delays at origin.
SEA: Baggage Transporter also has strategic tie ups with reputed Ocean Lines, and multimodal operators to give you the best rate, routing and safe delivery.

AIR EXPRESS OPTION is best suited if your cargo is light, and if you need your personal belongings immediately soon as you reach destination.
SEA CARGO OPTION is offered for larger quantity of cargo (say in excess of 300kgs+ or 3cbms+), since sending small weights by sea will obviously be more expensive than air door to door.

Air express door is the trend currently since your baggage reaches your door with less customs formalities and hassle free and is also convenient. Airport drop requires your presence in the airport to complete customs formalities, and sometimes your baggage may reach the nearest major customs airport (and not necessarily your city/town). You may have to self clear your baggage and arrange to move the same to your home by your own transport. Some countries (very less) may not allow clearance by agencies, but will require the passenger to appear in customs area. This will be notified in advance during the collection of baggage for such countries.

For Sea option door or port is ok as long as our destination door charge is comparable to destination charges for self clearance. In most cases, baggage cargo reaches the nearest customs CFS (Container Freight Station), which may be hundreds of miles away from your town/city. In such cases, you may opt for sea door.

Baggage Transporter is a door to door Baggage Company and of course home collection is available by default apart from free packing

Prescribed customs/airline forms that need to be signed by you is obtained after packing formality is completed. Other documents required: PASSPORT COPY / VISA COPY / WORK-RESIDENT PERMIT / AIRLINE E-TICKET COPY

Since Baggage Transporter is a door to door baggage company, free packing is available by default. Carton boxes and other packing material may be available as free/with additional cost as per requirement.

You may use any strong/good quality carton or suitcase. Dirty, shabby, weak boxes are not allowed. Our own brand new air worthy 7 ply heavy duty carton boxes are available, if you may choose to use, offered FREE.

For air express shipments, max weight allowed is 30kgs per carton. Packing cartons to a weight of up to 25-26kgs is advisable for easy handling. There is no restriction for sea cargo shipments. As long as the carton can take the weight, any weight can be accepted, though a wooden outer case is always recommended for safety of cargo by sea.

It is an international air cargo convention to charge for weight or volume, whichever is greater. This ensures that the airlines receive a reasonable return for light-weight items. Formula for calculation of volume weight: L x W x H (cms) / 5000 = Vol Wt.For Europe ground service volume calculator: L x W X H (cms) / 4000 = Vol Wt.

Certain items or products cannot be accepted for transportation or are restricted under general conditions of carriage. There are also other items that is inadvisable to pack and ship, for example: liquids, alcohol, fireworks or other explosives, flammable gases, poisons, corrosives, ammunition or firearms, swords, knives, daggers, spears, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, gas lighters pressurised containers, acids, perfumes, deos etc.

For Air Express shipments it is always important that you are available to receive the goods, to check if all packages are delivered in good condition. But if you are not available for some reason, anyone else that you authorise may also take delivery of cargo. If no one is available at home (locked), intimation will be given on 1st delivery attempt and a 2nd delivery attempt will be made the next business day.

Baggage Transporter accepts cheques (subject to clearance prior to shipment), cash (to authorised company staff only – with official cash receipt)cards, and direct bank online transfer to company account.

Our most popular cartons come in 3 sizes (SUPPLIED FREE) : 56(L)x42(W)x39(H)cms; 56(L)x42(L)x29(L)cms; 56(L)x42(L)x19(L)cms, that can accommodate a mix of clothes, kitchen utensils, utilities, shoes, books, foodstuffs, electronic/electrical appliances and other general personal and household items. Cartons are brand new 7 ply heavy duty airworthy that will withstand the rigours of air cargo transport. Customized packing options (Metal Trunks / Wooden Cases etc.) offered for special cargoes, like crockery, glassware and other fragile and odd shaped items @ very nominal rates.

Please call +91 6363628522 or +91 9986029126 or log in to https://baggagetransporter.com and send a pickup request.

Where possible, we will try our best to match prices. But some companies tend to give very cheap rates compromising on quality service and delivery. Clients should cross check facts of quotes and services offered before finalising their baggage move.

Baggage Transporter offers comprehensive storage facilities (personal & household) in Bangalore for Long Term basis @ nominal rates. Free warehousing (for light weight baggage only) available for future date shipping (short term). Max 2-3 weeks.

Duties vary widely according to destination countries. In many cases goods owned and used for at least 6/12 months are non-dutiable. Import of branded and homemade foodstuffs may be subject to duties/taxes in some destination countries. Please bear in mind that Baggage Transporter has no control over foreign customs services, local authorities and/or agents who undertake searches, or charge duty/tax/quarantine or other fees, at the discretion or in accordance with local regulations.

For door to door consignments there may be additional charges at destination. Some countries have government charges for quarantine clearance, others have examination and x-ray fees, etc. All duties and taxes are excluded from the quotation you receive from us. Our door to door charges include origin pickup, airfreight, destination airport unloading, normal customs clearance and delivery to your residence.

AIR DOOR DIRECT: 3-4 working days. AIR DOOR VIA TRANSIT: 6-7 working days. SEA DOOR: EUROPE: 25-30 days USA/CANADA: 40-45 days MIDDLE EAST 18-25 days AUS/NZ: 25-30 days FAR EAST: 30-35 days AFRICA: 45-55 days. Above transit is tentative and is subject to destination customs release.

All door to door shipments by air are routed through worldwide express companies like DHL, FEDEX, TNT etc. With state of the art real time online track and trace, shipments are given unique tracking numbers including child numbers for multiple packages. You can sit at the comfort of your homes/offices abroad, and watch shipment progress until it is door delivered at amazing deadlines. You rarely need venture to destination airports for any documentation formalities prior to customs release.

Shipment protection is a matter of choice and is calculated based on a declared value. It cannot be included in the cost of shipping. Insurance for used baggage cargo and personal/household effects is generally not entertained by National Insurance Companies, and hence Baggage Transporter can opt to give an inbuilt insurance cover (if required) @ 5%, if you are willing to declare a higher customs/carriage value.

Normal practice is to declare a low value for customs purposes so as not to attract destination customs duties/taxes. International Express Companies do not give guarantee for the safe delivery of fragile items inside packages but can only guarantee the delivery of packages. Insurance coverage is only for packages missing/lost in transit. Very badly damaged/mutilated packages reaching destination may also be claimed, though.

AIR EXPRESS BAGGAGE CARGO is routed through Worldwide Express Companies. With state of the art track and trace, you have advance knowledge of the status of your packages. Shipments are customs processed at the destination area automatically and customs released before being sent out for delivery. During customs process, should any documents/paperwork be required, you will be contacted by phone, email. Your baggage is assessed for value, age and may be subject to duty/taxes, if declared value is more than customs baggage value limit.

SEA BAGGAGE CARGO reaches in about 35-45 days, and you are given advance notice of arrival of cargo, and any documentation/paperwork that is required from your side will be taken from our overseas agent responsible for customs clearance and delivery.