If you are travelling overseas and exceed your baggage allowance, you will need a cost effective solution to ship your excess luggage. Baggage Transporter can provide just that! An affordable, convenient, homely service for your excess baggage shipping door to door. Wherever you are going, we make getting your excess baggage there easier and cheaper and with world class packing too!

Baggage Transporter understands that your books, computers, clothes, souvenirs, kitchen utensils, essential foodstuffs and other personal items can literally weigh a ton. All airlines strictly enforce the amount of checked baggage and carry-on luggage you can travel with, these days. Don’t get stuck at the airport having to pay hefty airline charges.

Baggage Transporter lets you plan your travel in advance, saves you time, effort and money. Most importantly, it puts you back in control, sending your Unaccompanied Excess Baggage around the world safe and secure.